Workbenches and Woodworking Starter Packages

A sturdy workbench is the foundation of any hand-tool woodworking shop.    Here at Maplewood, we provide several options for helping to equip woodworkers of all ages and skill levels with a high-quality handmade workbench.     These workbenches are individually handcrafted by a small group of local woodworkers, some of whom are instructors here at Maplewood.

Mini-Roubo Adjustable Workbench

A smaller version of the classic 17th Century design, specifically proportioned to help introduce younger woodworkers to hand tools.   Instead of having children stand on a chair or stool at a full sized bench, they can stand on their own using this sturdy workhorse.   As your child grows, the bench can be easily adjusted using a series of customizable risers.    This smaller bench incorporates time-tested dovetail and mortise and tenon joinery that has made Roubo-based workbenches the choice of craftspeople for centuries.    $975


Pine Joiner’s Workbench

This bench is designed as an inexpensive, yet extremely sturdy option for those serious about developing skill in using hand tools.   Incorporating rock-solid mortise and tenon joinery, this is an extremely versatile bench that will not shake or wobble like a store bought bench.   $950




Woodworking Starter Packages

Many people have walked away from hand tool woodworking frustrated with dull tools and little guidance in sharpening edge tools.  Our woodworking starter packages provide a choice of either the Joiner’s Workbench or Mini-Roubo Workbench, a starter set of sharpened hand tools and one full day of individualized training.  $1,595

Starter Tool Set includes the following options, each sharpened and tuned by hand:

Choice of a Stanley #3 or #4 Smoothing Plane, Stanley spokeshave, Stanley square, Stanley tape measure, Stanley layout knife, Sliding T-bevel, 4 Way Wood Rasp, Crown Gents Saw, Chisel Hammer, and Set of 4 Quality Bevel Edge Chisels.


Maplewood Signature Workbench

People have asked about purchasing one of the solid maple benches that we use in our workshops.  This bench incorporates the same mortise and tenon joinery, with some slight increases in proportions, weight and size.  This bench also features square mahogany pegs on the aprons, adding some aesthetic value.  $1695

To inquire about ordering a workbench or woodworking starter package, please contact us