Thanks for a Great Season!

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Thanks for a Great Season!

We’ve had a great season here at Maplewood with full workshops and lots of activity!  Our 1 Day Sharpening and 1 Day Joinery Saturday classes were very well received.   A few of the classes went into the early evening, with a lot of ground to cover in one day, but participants seemed to enjoy the opportunity to learn the basic skills of sharpening or joinery in a single day.

We’ve also had good feedback on some of our newer classes, including a dovetail drawer class taught by Arien and Jacob.

Our 4th annual Hand Plane Restoration class also went very well.   Currently, the shop is busy on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for the Fall Guitar Building Intensive.

Thanks again for a great season and for your continued support!!  Lots of pictures below!

The Maplewood Staff

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