Small Scale Agriculture

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Small Scale Agriculture

Beyond the realm of woodworking, the Maplewood Center for Common Craft is also dedicated to the preservation of small-scale agricultural traditions. This June, we will be demonstrating the traditional skill of harvesting hay with hand-sharpened scythes. In the near future, we also plan to offer additional workshops on various aspects of animal husbandry from pasture management and fencing to raising chickens and sheep.

Maple syrup sugar shack timber framed

The Maplewood Maple Sugar House is also used as an educational facility to introduce the process of making Maple Syrup to the next generation. Built in 2010, this timber framed structure is nestled near the Battenkill river and surrounded by a productive maple grove. Our Mill Creek maple syrup is for sale at Eli’s Broadstreet Breakfast in Schuylerville, NY.

Timber frame lifting for Maple sugar shack