Guitar Making Class (with video)

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Guitar Making Class (with video)

On Saturday, September 14th, Martin Macica shared his insights from over 30 years of fine instrument making during an Introduction to Guitar Making class at the Maplewood Center for Common Craft.


Some of the participants had experience building instruments, while others were simply interested in learning more about the craft. Martin uses hand tool techniques, some of which he has developed himself, to accomplish tasks where many other guitar makers would use machines.

For example, he demonstrated the process for adding the binding to the guitar using a simple yet effective purfling tool.   He also showed some of the tools and jigs that he developed for cutting the rosette, bending the mahogany sides of the guitar and cutting the elusive dovetail in the guitar neck completely by hand.   See the videos below for a sample of some of these demonstrations.We are planning a Fall 2014 10-Day intensive guitar building class, so keep an eye out for upcoming dates.  Until then, check out the Macica workshop and Marty’s blog here

Guitar Final