Small Scale Agriculture Series

We offer a limited number of workshops in simple homesteading skills for those interested in discovering some ways that families met their basic needs in the not too-distant past.. Participants in these workshops will have an opportunity to “get their hands dirty” with processing chickens, milking a cow, or even cutting hay with a grass schythe. Look for additional small-scale agriculture workshops in the near future.

  • Guitar Making Intensive – September 5 – December 19, 2017 (Tuesdays 5:30-9:00pm)


    Drawing from over 30 years of fine instrument making, Martin Macica will share his knowledge of the principles and practice of guitar making, leading participants through the process of making their own guitar using hand tools.   This intensive course will cover every aspect of guitar making, including the important hand-cut dovetail neck joint.   Participants will leave with a working knowledge of guitar making, and a handcrafted instrument ready for a lifetime of making music.

    Please use the registration button below if you are interested in taking this course, which will take place on Tuesday evenings (5:30-9pm) from September 5-December 18.   The cost for the workshop and materials will be $1375, including all materials.  Please, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

    When: September 5 - 19
    Open Places: 1
    Fees: $1375
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Feel free to contact us if you would like to suggest a particular class.   Also, we are available for private instruction that can be as simple as a hands-on sharpening lesson or completing a small project in the shop.