Craftsman/Shaker Inspired Step Stool Class – August 3 – 6, 2017 (9am – 4:30pm)


In this four-day workshop, participants will acquire the skills used in traditional joinery to build a unique handled step stool inspired by elements of both Shaker and Craftsman design.   With Dovetails, Mortise and Tenons, and Housing Dados, this project covers the three main joints used to create most pieces.  Basic shaping is also covered with classic lines and a hand sculpted handle. With the exotic hardwoods sapele, mahogany and curly maple, participants will learn how to tackle difficult grain structure using sharp tools and proper technique to bring out the woods’ inner beauty.  All tools and materials will be provided. Class goes from 9:00am-4:3opm (ish) daily.


When: August 3 - 6
Open Places: 6
Fees: $385

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.